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I believe in love. As a relationship counsellor I know that very many breakups can be prevented by re-connecting the two people with the love between them. It is sad to me that so many couples split up without even trying the practical steps which could have healed their relationship. Sometimes these are simple – love works.

I want to advertise honestly and to offer “hope without hype”. Marriage counselling isn’t meant to keep every couple together. Some relationships end naturally as partners develop in different directions. Sometimes you just marry the wrong person. And indeed some relationships are best escaped from. But many couples drown within reach of the shore simply because they don’t know how to swim.

I am not the kind of marriage counsellor who just listens and comments, listens and comments. I teach you to swim.

I provide a safe, non-judgemental atmosphere with nobody made “wrong” and nobody made “right”. You can feel safe to explore saying whatever you really need to say.  You can be deeply heard, possibly for the first time. You can begin to open to hearing the things the other person needs to say and feel safe doing that. Simply listening and simply understanding can be a very difficult and even frightening task. But it is profoundly valuable to love and intimacy. I offer the safety for that to happen. And I help you find what you can best do to change things.

There are many websites offering relationship and marriage counselling in Bristol. But one factor that counts a lot is how you get on with the therapist. You are very welcome to meet me for a free half-hour initial meeting.

Marriage counselling in Bristol to turn crisis into opportunity

A crisis doesn’t have to be a disaster. Fighting, affairs, lack of affection and sexual interest may be extremely painful. But they can turn out to be the beginning of a deeper loving connection.

For in fact, differences, pain, hurt and anger are not the enemies of love. They can be the very doorway to intimacy. Happy couples don’t necessarily have fewer problems. What they do have is safety to speak and be heard. They have mastery of the understandings to deal with projection and shadow. They focus on the practical everyday ways that love and joy find expression.

The answer is always love

Actually, the answer to relationship problems is always the same. It’s always love. That starts with love and trust and respect for yourself. If  for each of you the relationship deepens love for yourself and your trust for yourself, you will come together. If not, then love will carry you apart.

I work as a relationship therapist in Bristol with singles or one partner or both. When I work with couples together, sometimes I suggest that one or both partners come for some individual sessions. I weave together solution-oriented therapy, communication and listening. If necessary (it often isn’t), I use family constellation therapy, inner child healing and other ways of dealing with shadow and projection. But it’s always about love. I help you reconnect with love, trust, confidence, sexual pleasure, assertion, independence and joy.

To take the first step to effective marriage counselling in Bristol, give me a ring and leave a message (24 hours.) I’ll call you back. 0845-3510604 / 0117-955-0490. I work with singles or with one or both partners in the marriage or relationship. I’m happy to answer questions or arrange, in Bristol, a free, no-obligation half-hour introductory meeting.

  • Issues for marriage counselling in BristolA bullets 9 mauve flowers on mauve aa-img027_cr Love-oriented relationship work hels if you're fighting, there’s been a affair, communication goes round in circles, or you are stuck. Or, if you are single, with a repeating pattern or relating, or sexual issues.
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